HS 140828 366When I first browsed the pictures of fashion from the 1950’s I have been fully amazed. Ladies wore long dresses or skirts for all occasions, at the end in their households too. The patterns used at that time captivated me, flowers, polka dots and others in all possible colour combinations.

Finally I fell in love with this style and started to fill my wardrobe with retro models. Soon I recognized it was hard to find suitable, original and interesting retro dresses in general. Then I thought „Why not to start making them by myself?“

In May 2014 I have contacted my friend, who was a professional seamstress and we started developing our initial models under the brand of MiaBella. The very first model  was a SUSAN with high neck and buttons at the back. As time went on the demand for the dresses grew and we started adding new models, all adjusted to the needs of our Customers.
We added different products too, such as bamboo shirts, leather jacket, coats and other accessories.

After while my husband joined the business, retro-jacket-product-imageworking on marketing, orders via our web-store and looking after our foreign branches.  So far we operate 2, in Slovakia in Martin and in Hungary near Budapest.
Currently we employ 7 seamstresses, who produce the models based on my design and from the fabrics I am choosing. I am inspired by old pictures and original sewing patterns from the 1950’s. I try to make beautiful and close-fitting dresses which highlight the feminine silhouette, cover some defects we all might have.

Our dresses are mostly bespoke made, with the choice of the most suitable pattern and size we naturally help.  Please write us, call or visit us in our showrooms located near Prague, in Martin or near Budapest 🙂

Lenka Izsák & the Team of MiaBella